Monday, May 08, 2017

Embracing being 7ft 7

Paul Sturgess from Loughborough is officially Britain's tallest man. He is also in the Guinness book of records for being the tallest professional basketball player (five years), which has given him opportunities to play with the World famous Harlem Globetrotters (three years).

Standing 7 foot 7 (and a little bit) tall, Paul weighs 25 stones and eats approximately 7000 calories a day when training. He takes a size 19 shoe which are difficult to source; he is forced to spend time searching for footwear online. Clothes are easier to find as he spends a lot of his time in America, which has a large number of tall people, thus allowing him to buy clothes off the rack. Paul’s associations with basketball have also provided opportunities for team sponsorship; he is sent clothes and other products.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning Paul said:

“[Some things] are quite difficult for me, but I take the negatives with the positives”.

Apart from shoes, negatives of being 7ft 7 include not been able to drive in the UK (he has been unable to find a driving instructor with a car big enough to take lessons in), going through doorways and showering.

Positives include i) basketball which has allowed him to travel all over the world (38 countries) and America (every state) to play exhibition basketball, ii) being regularly upgraded to business class when travelling on aeroplanes and iii) most people being welcoming and wanting to know about him.

"I am really really proud of who I am”, he said, “and obviously the height makes me that. I'm actually using my height to go into primary schools to do basketball with the kids and assemblies where I talk about anti-bullying and healthy eating. So it's easy for me to use my height to portray a positive message”.

Looking ahead to when his basketball career comes to an end Paul is actively looking at expanding his options and is contemplating acting; he join an agency a few weeks ago.

This is a great example of someone embracing his his/her body and moving forward with a positive attitude.


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