Monday, April 24, 2017

Different sized women standing next to each other

Georgia Gibbs, 21 and Kate Wasley, 22 are friends. There was nothing unusual or noteworthy about their friendship until a picture they posted of themselves on Instagram received a lot of negative feedback. Why?
Georgia is a size 6 model and is viewed as being fit and healthy. Kate, on the other hand, is a size 16 plus-size model.

The online criticism was aimed at Georgia, accusing her of posting a photoshopped picture of herself next Kate so that she would look slimmer and my implication, making Kate look worse.

“The response shocked us both,” Gibbs said.
“People calling Kate overweight, and me too skinny. We realized people aren’t used to seeing two different sized women standing next to each other.”

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning Kate said it was ridiculous that people assumed she should feel bad posing next to her slimmer friend, as the models called on women to 'quit the comparison'.

'Why should I [feel bad]?' Kate asked. 'But that's what people are thinking, because everyone is so obsessed with looking the best on social media”.

“Society’, responded Georgia, “has a little bit of an issue with two girls two different sizes being next to each other, and the thing is we want to make it a norm. We've never looked at ourselves as different, so why should anyone else?”

In response to their unexpected notoriety, the two women
have created an Instagram account called Any Body Co.

Kate said it was inspired by how 'shocked' people were at seeing her and Georgia next to each other, adding they want to encourage women to stop being 'so hard on ourselves'.

'Our whole thing now is to be who you are. Our intention is to encourage all women to quit the comparison.
'Individuality is something that should be celebrated, healthy bodies come in different shapes and sizes.'


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