Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hair care and identity

Each one of us has a unique head of hair, whether it straight, curly, frizzy, long, short, bleached, coloured or natural. We have approximately 150,000 individual hair strands on our head that grows approximately 1 cm every month. Hair care and retention (loss treatment) is big business; globally the market is worth a £60 billion and £ .5 billion respectively. Our hair, its health, style etc is very important to many of us. Recently BBC Horizon’s ‘Hair Care Secrets’, asked individuals about their hair.

What is hair?

"Hair really is the crowning glory, it can represent you in so many different ways."
"Hair is the most important thing with your identity."
"I think my hair says I'm a bit bohemian. It is totally flowing freely and bouncy; it's a bit like me."
Hair is something you can immediately see; it's like the clothes you're wearing, you are effectively making a statement."
"A lot of people laugh at me and say your hair (ginger). I just acknowledge it and move on".

How important is your hair?

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