Monday, January 23, 2017

Your body is not an ornament, it’s a vehicle

When Taryn Brumfitt posted her before and after photos online, the action was very unusual because the before image showed a slim muscular body (body building competition) and the after portrayed a more natural, curvier, real picture of herself. The comparison post has been viewed millions of times online and spurred Taryn’s decision to create the documentary Embrace.

Speaking to the BBC Tara explained the reason for the photo and the documentary.

" Normally when we see a woman’s before photo she is overweight and she's really sad and then she loses weight and she miraculously becomes happy. We see these photographs over and over again. So I wanted to say, ‘do you know what, you can actually love your body before, during and after’. Health is not just physical, it's emotional health, it's mental health; it’s all of those things.”

Commenting on her perception of her post pregnancy body Taryn said: “I was going to have surgery to fix what I thought was my broken body, after I’d had three children. I was watching my daughter play one day and I thought, ’how am I going to teach Michaela to love her body if I can't love my body? If I have surgery, what message will that send to her?’ So I decided against it and I came up with this really great idea to enter a bodybuilding competition; my friends thought I was crazy! I was driving to have the perfect body and I wanted to know what that felt like. [When] I got on stage, I had this moment of this is too hard. It takes to much time and sacrifice and obsession. In that journey I learnt that my body is not an ornament; it’s a vehicle in life and there is so much more things to be concerned about and worry about and to do, rather than this constant obsession with how I look”.

Discussing some of the women she had met during the making of the documentary Taryn said: “It's heartbreaking. Wherever I travelled with Embrace from the Dominican Republic, a studio in Germany, here in the UK or America, it was the same. So many women are hating their bodies; they loathe their bodies and I wonder what that is doing for our society, having half the population being anchored down by these negative thoughts. How can you possibly be all the world needs you to be and all you want to be, when you are constantly battling with your mind….

“It [Embrace documentary] is about starting a conversation, a positive conversation where I am hoping that women hear not just my story, but also the many inspiring stories of women around the world. To[help them] make the choice to embrace their body, not be at war with their body and not be in a battle, because that's not fun".


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