Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Peaceful or angry

Itís New Year; resolutions, life change and priorities are once again centre stage of our thoughts. Resolutions and the desire for change are often self-centre e.g. I'm going to lose weight, drink less and exercise or save more. This year, I have decided to concentrate my energy on changing my behavior or actions in order to benefit others. For example, what can I change to improve certain relationships or what can I do to help someone else.

Self introspection will be the starting point of this change. Am I peaceful or angry? Do I support and encourage or do I embarrass, hurt and criticize others? Am I a calming, self-controlled influence or is my presence akin to pouring petrol on a smoldering fire?

We are often advised to tell others about resolutions or aspirational life changes in order to help us maintain our resolve. In this instance I intend to do the opposite; I am not going to mention it to anyone. Improving relationships or the circumstances of others will be all the motivation I need.

I am not saying that am not going to make any self focused changes; what I am saying that my main emphasis will be on others. Please join me if you agree with the sentiments expressed above.

Happy New Year!

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