Thursday, August 06, 2015

'Nobody is alike, nobody is the same, everybody is made for a reason'


This article focuses on short excerpts from a Q&A episode of the TLC series ’The Little Couple’, featuring William (Bill) Klein and Jennifer (Jen) Arnold. Husband and wife couple Bill Klein and Jen Arnold both have dwarfism. Jennifer is 3 ft 2” (96.5 cm) and Bill is 4 ft tall (122 cm); Jennifer is a doctor (MD) and Bill owns a pet company.
After two unsuccessful attempts to have their own children (surrogacy) they decided to adopt children (internationally) who also had dwarfism. Bill and Jen ultimately adopted a three year old boy called William (Will) from China and a two year old girl called Zoey from India. Will and Zoe are now 5 and 3 ½ years old respectively.

Question 1:
When will and Zoey get older and ask you why someone says they look different, or that they are small, or they get made fun of, for their size, what would you tell them?

Bill: First of all ... God has a plan for everybody. Nobody is alike, nobody is the same, everybody is made for a reason, everybody is different. We don't always get to pick our differences.  I'll tell my children that first and foremost not everybody understands and that's okay. There are going to be people in this world that are not always going to be polite.

Jennifer: A lot of times they say things because they don't understand... Help them understand.

Bill: Yes Jennifer: We're all different.

Bill: My kids will undoubtedly run into someone who is in different circumstances, that they are curious about. I would of course be disappointed if they were insulting, but I will be proud of them if they were to politely ask questions to learn from the experience. I think they will be doing a lot of people a favour to educate while they cruise through life and in those circumstances take the opportunity to educate. That's what I would encourage my kids to do.

Jennifer: You know you don't ever know what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes, just like the person asking the question doesn't understand what it's like to walk in theirs. [Encourage them] to be thankful for the things that they have that are good and not to let those things [other people] get to them. If they let it get to them then really it's only hurting them; you cannot let it ruin you.

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Monday, August 03, 2015

Healthy whatever your body size and shape

The August issue of Womens Running magazine, has a runner on its cover that is very different from what we have come to expect; bearing in mind previous issues.

Taking a step away from the norm, the Womens Running magazine features plus-size model Erica Schenk on its cover.

Here is a brief extract from her ‘meet our cover’ interview with the magazine:

Question: What’s the best part of being on the cover?

Reply: Women of all sizes deserve to be praised for good health and have a presence in the media.

Question: Too often people equate “runner’s body” with “super skinny.” How do you think that affects runners?

Reply: Some women believe that since they have curves they can’t run or shouldn’t run. Running is for every body anytime.

“Its good to see Erica on the cover”, said Julie Court (My Body Beautiful’s founder). There is a general misconception that running, exercise and fitness is not for overweight individuals. The perfect example of this is that my husband was recently discussing his gym membership with a slightly overweight female colleague. She was very interested in hearing about the facilities and classes it offered, but decided against joining because, ‘it would be full of yummy mummies’.

“Medical evidence points to the fact that exercise and physical activity is good for us, whatever your body size and shape. The main issue being addressed is improving/ maintaining health.”