Friday, July 29, 2011

Weight & Sexuality Interview Part 2

This month’s article concludes the interview published in June.


“I’m slowly accepting who I am; it’s like meeting a stranger. I didn’t really know the real me until recently. It’s only been a year and I have a lifetime of habits to change.  It’s all about getting to know you. Self awareness is so important. It’s understanding what triggers my overeating or sends me into an emotional low and how to break the pattern.

I’ve learned that self sabotage is easy. I’ve actually looked at a chocolate bar and thought, ‘I don’t want that’, before eating it.  Now, I stop and ask myself, ‘why do I feel like I need that now’?  For example. Dehydration can make you think you are hungry when you are actually thirsty.  Whenever I ask myself questions, I always try to give an honest answer.

When I ‘came out’ about my sexuality; chocolate, funnily enough, was one of the things that I could not face. I went completely off food.  I just did not eat; I even had to remind myself to eat. I was no longer a slave to food, for example thinking that it’s 6 o’clock and was therefore time to eat.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unrealistic ad banned

L’Oreal has once again been on the receiving end of complaints about their digitally altered ads that depict unrealistic, flawless, perfect images of celebrities.

On this occasion, in response to complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have banned two ads; one of Julia Roberts and the other of Christy Turlington.

Julie's ad claimed the foundation ‘recreates the aura of perfect skin’.  L’Oreal acknowledged that ‘post production’ techniques had been used on the image, but argued that it was a realistic representation of her ‘naturally healthy and glowing skin’.

Christy's ad stated that the product: ‘Conceals instantly, visibly, precisely ... Covers dark circles and fine lines to help conceal crow's feet - as if erased!’  Small print along the bottom admitted the image was an ‘Illustrated effect’.  L’Oreal said it had been retouched to ‘lighten the skin, clean up make-up, reduce dark shadows and shading around the eyes, smooth the lips and darken the eyebrows’. Once again the company insisted that the image was an accurate reflection of the benefits of the product.

The ASA was not swayed by L'Oreal's argument; pronouncing that the images could not be used again in their current form.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Making peace with small boobs


A few days ago I read a blog post in the Huffington Post.  It was both interesting and amusing, so I thought I'd share short extracts with you all.  It is by Hallie Seegal, the newspapers Associate Blog Editor.

"I don't remember buying my first bra. I just know that at some point around age 12 I started wearing one, long before I "needed" to.

Over the next 10 years, as I graduated from high school and college, I also graduated to a solid A (cup), while clasping a bra around my chest every day in between.

Then, seven months ago, I had a brassiere epiphany....Yes, I went braless.....when I confided in my friends that I was bra-free, they admitted they couldn't tell. I suddenly thought, what if I could be this free all the time?

Since then, it's just been me and my small boobs, hanging out together. And I'm happy"

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miss Barbados World

While I was lunching at a Barbados hotel last week, some of the Miss Barbados World contestants made a unexpected appearance.  Hotel guests (like myself) were then treated to a fashion show while we dined.

The Miss Barbados World contestants all fitted the 'model' archetype;  young, very slim, tall and beautiful.  They were also very polite and happily posed in response to my request for a photo (above). The  winner will take part in the 61st Miss World Finals on 6th November in London.

While I am not an advocate of beauty contests par se, it was great to see a group of courteous happy young women, full of hope and optimism for the future.

I wish them all success in the contest and beyond.


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